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The maps on the web-sites...What're they for? What the use of them?

It's well known that most people like browsing the maps.Once they spot it on the web-page,they'll never miss it.So, why not use people's curiosity and make it useful for You?! Like, make a map and place the info about Your business on it.Quick and easy. Helpful for both sides.

We make our maps using Flash+Php+Xml+MySQL. So, everyone of Your "objects" is shown on the map as an icon.Simply clicking on it (icon)
the user can browse the photo-gallery and info about Your "object",which can be added/deleted/corrected by You.


Vyborg (Russia)

Rovno (Ukraine)

World Map (Mercator)


So there is partially visible basic map and small (navigator), reflecting all area.
The opportunities shown below allowes You to find quickly the necessary objects on a card:
1.1. The main map let You smoothly scaling with the center in any point.
1.2.You can move the main map in any directions.
1.3.There is also an opportunity of fast moving of the map in all directions of "wind rose".
1.4. Clicking on a mouse on a small map positions a visible part of the main map in a point with the center in a place of click.

The adding of objects is carried out by their record in external XML a-file,i.e. if You wish to add a new position in the MENU, You don't have to use a swf-file.
Simply add a new line in XML and all.It can be made simple editors-for example "Notebook".We create new (or used if available) icons. It's possible to connect to each object to the schedule in a format "jpg" or "swf".
At the click by the mouse on an icon You'll first see gallery of small pictures, if You like them, click,and there'll be greater pictures.

Search of objects is carried out by input of any fragment of the name.

Astana (Kazakhstan)

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